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Because who doesn't love the inside scoop of people's favorites?! Check out what we've been loving below. ✨

| Shows we're loving |

The latest seasons have come out for some of our cult classic faves! First up is Peaky Blinders. The men you love and hate. Thomas Shelby makes some tough decisions while fighting some demons. We don't want to spoil all of it... but of course, it's packed with action, crime, tears, and the best accents. Sad to see the end, but it sure was amazing.

Peaky Blinders | Season 6


Stranger Things | Season 4

Between the heartbreak + scary surprises, you are kept on the edge of your chair the whole time! Basically, get ready to binge it all in one sitting or watch the edits on tiktok. We can't wait for season 5!



| Songs we're loving |
Speaking of Stranger Things, that leads us to loving that iconic song from the season & 80's hit, Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush. Not only is it life saving, but also a tiktok trend. Of course, it's on repeat.


But..... If we needed to escape Vecna's curse, we'd play Satellite by Harry Styles. I am pretty sure anything from Harry's House would resuscitate us back to life.


To our surprise, BEYONCE IS BACK BABY + better than ever. Our queen is dropping a new album and to no shock, it's everything. Get ready for the weekend + build that confidence with her new single, BREAK MY SOUL.


| Books we're loving |

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

We all know the TV series is out, but did you know this is also a book series? This is a trilogy written beautifully by Jenny Han and I think one we could all relate to. Before you start that show, read the books first!


| Movies we're loving | 

Topgun Maverick + Elvis

Need we say more? As if the gifs and memes haven't already swept the nation... the movies are astounding. The one question we all have is, should these guys have switched roles?! Let us know your thoughts. Personally, I'm team Elvis. 



| Recipes we're loving |


Nothing says refreshing more than a gorgeous fruit salad! Easy to make + enjoy. So when you're headed over to a cookout or inviting friends over for cocktail hour, this is the perfect side or appetizer!

Summer Watermelon Fruit Salad

Recipe Here!


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