All the reasons why you should be wearing shades this summer!

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Tips + tricks for finding your best sunnies

Tip #1

Darker lenses don't equate to the best protection - When trying on sunglasses, notice if you're squinting in the light or if you can see clearly. If you're squinting, keep looking! You want to double-check the lenses are 100% UV Protection.


Tip #2

Cloudy days still need protection from the UV rays! Just because you don't see the sun as bright as normal, doesn't mean that it's not as potent. Your eyes still need protection.


Tip #3

Sunglasses come in different forms, just like your lifestyle - Think about what your daily life looks like. Are you more active or simple? do you need some fashion flair or athletic style? Determining this will help your thought process.

Tip #4

Finding a flattering fit for everyone. It's no lie that some frames look great on others, but may not be our favorite. Take the time to figure out your face shape, then try on styles that highlight your features.

Tip #5

Price doesn’t always equal quality - make sure you’re taking care of your eyes and also wearing something comfortable! nice quality sunglasses and eyewear are often a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it.


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