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January has come + gone... 

Now that 2023 is officially here and we've settled in, let's kick off with what we've been loving so far. See what we have filled our time with, purchased, and what we have our eyes on. 👀 


Trends We're Loving:


We're still seeing vests trend throughout the entire year. Pair over top of your favorite blazer or wear as a top alone.


What Mrs. Haley Bieber does, everyone follows... especially the "glazed donut" trend. Now, it's transformed into all chrome colors. Switch up and add some flair to your fits!


Minimal + sleek, this style isn't going anywhere. A classic that you'll always reach for. Shop our personal favorite, Paradigm Eyewear's 'SID' 🕶 





Songs We're Loving:

Flowers by Miley Cyrus (No surprise here, don't we all love?)
Mind Games by 88Rising feat. Jackson Wang

Keep Me Safe by Cub Sport
Gone Girl by SZA

Do You Like Me? by Daniel Caesar 


Movies/Shows We're Loving:

Kaleidoscope -

Between the randomized episodes + crazy plot line, we were on the edge of our seats the ENTIRE TIME. Let Netflix decide what order you watch it in.

You People -

Can't ignore any movie with Jonah Hill... put him aside, there are other amazing icons in this film. Guess you'll have to watch to see!




1 month in, and 11 to go! Let this year be filled with your favorites, discovering new things, and lots of joy!

Now what are you loving?

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