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Your Summer Hydrating Needs ☀️

It is no secret that it just keeps getting hotter & hotter! While the temps are rising, so should our hydration levels. We've got some of our favorite B+B products that help/remind us to up the water intake and stay cool all summer long. Check out down below!

B+B Nalgene Water Bottle

The easiest & best way to make sure you get that water intake! Not only is the bottle pretty to look at, but also has the measurements of how much you've drank on the side. 


Baggu Puffy Water Bottle Sling

Hands free everyone! The days of forgetting your water bottle or not taking it because you don't want to hold it is OVER. Your new walking buddy. Grab this Electric Strawberry print.

Baggu Puffy Lunch Bag

Now this is super cute! Pack your favorite bubbly's or a cold drink along with some fruit for the ultimate picnic or snack/hydration on the go. The lunch bag comes in a small or large size. Head over to the site to find more colors + prints!

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