Refresh Your Living Space: 5 Home Projects To Tackle During Quarantine

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Bring the outdoors inside! Indoor plants are a great way to add life and brightness into your living space. Adding greenery into your home can create a feeling of well-being; they can give us a sense of responsibility and make us feel happier. Check out our list of some fun indoor plants to spruce up your living space!


  • Monstera

  • String of Pearls

  • Pilea

  • Fiddle Fig Leaf

  • Money Plant




Since we’re all cooped up at home, chances are your spending a lot more time in your kitchen! Dress up your eating area with some fun light fixtures or by opening up those blinds. You can also brighten your space with light colors, linens, or by making your windowsills the focal point of your room! Brightening up your living space and a daily dose of sunlight will keep you feeling refreshed all spring long!




A great way to give your home a new touch is to give your walls some love! If you have any current photos, artwork, or other wall hangings make sure they are straightened out and free of dust. While this might not seem like a big task it can make a huge difference in how everything looks. If you’re looking to go the extra mile try making a wall gallery. Try using a floating shelf as your base and add pictures, vases, knick-knacks, and other cute decorations to complete this modern wall gallery look. Here are some of our favorite wall gallery looks for some inspiration!



Let’s get in that spring cleaning spirit! Start the season refreshed, with a clean and organized living space. Clear out any unwanted clutter and remember to stick to a plan to achieve an organized and neat home. A great place to start is to clean those vents and baseboards! These areas accumulate dust and dirt over time and can spread throughout the home. Cleaning these every so often can help eliminate any allergens and dust in the air. Another spring-cleaning tip that makes organizing and decluttering seamless is to start organizing clothes, followed by books, papers, household items, and lastly sentimental items.



The best way to spice up your living space is with a fresh boost of color! Try incorporating some spring pastel colors or maybe some bright bold colors! Some fun ways to incorporate colors are with accent pillows, colorful decor, or some fun wall art! If you're looking to go a step forward, try brightening your walls with a fresh coat of paint or some fun wallpaper. Adding a pop of color here and there will give a new perspective and vibe to your living space!

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