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Cities throughout the US have issued stay-at-home orders and encouraged social distancing in-order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. It is important for everyone to limit their contact with others and stay indoors at home as much as possible. Here are some of the best cities to quarantine in and doing their best to flatten the curve!


Portland, Maine

We chose Portland Maine because the state of Maine ranks low in population density making it the perfect place to quarantine! This factor allows for better social distancing and has in-fact helped as they rank 7th lowest cases in the US. Maine also ranks top in Public Hospital System Quality in the US which is a great benefit to them!


San Francisco, California

The city of San Fransisco is one of the biggest cities in the US who has done a great job in flattening the curve! This city of over 40 million residents has 724 cases which is very low compared to other major cities throughout the US! The mayor of San Fransisco issued stay-at-home orders on March 16 and his early implementation had done a great deal for the city!


Bismarck, North Dakota

We chose Bismarck as the number of confirmed cases ranks low in the state of North Dakota compared to other US states. While the State of North Dakota hasn’t yet implemented any stay-at-home orders the Mayor of Bismarck has encouraging residents to practice safe social distancing and his efforts seem to be helping the state.


Cleveland, Ohio

We chose Cleveland as the state of Ohio has done a great job in flattening the curve! Ohio was one of the first states to implement stay-at-home orders and it has done a great deal in stopping the spread of COVID-19. The city of Cleveland has also done a great job giving back to the community during these ring times! The Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund has raised over $1.2 million to help over 42 local community organizations throughout the city!

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