Free Things To Do Online While Staying At Home

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Have you found yourself going stir crazy staying at home and not knowing what to do? Lucky for you, there are many fun online virtual tours and activities available to help pass the time. Heres a list of our top fun free things you can do online! 
For all you history and art lovers out there, there are many museums offering free virtual tours of their exhibits right from your computer screen. The National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, London's British Museum, and The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam are just some of the famous museums offering this wonderful service. So go out there and explore all from the comfort of your home!
 Check them out!
If you're missing the great outdoors don’t worry because you can now virtually tour over 32 US National parks all while being home! Thanks to Google Arts & Culture and Google Earth you can easily tour these beautiful National Parks for free! So whether you want to explore the tropical coast of Florida or explore the Grand Canyon there is something for everyone!
Let’s get physical! If you’re looking to get some exercise into your routine look no further! There are many apps and online workout classes that are free and perfect whether you’re a beginner or experienced. If you’re looking for some fun cardio workouts then you need to check out Daily Burn ! If you’re more into yoga and meditation then you need to check out YogaWorks. Getting in some physical exercise is great for the mind and body while were all cooped up at home.
With all this free time why not learn something new! Colleges like Harvard, Princeton, Yale and many more are offering free online courses in many subjects. These free online courses are perfect to learn something new or expand your knowledge on something you already know.
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