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Summer is gone + Fall is approaching!

It seems as if we all blinked our eyes and summer is now a thing of the past! But with that sadness comes the joy of fall! Before we start getting involved with all things pumpkin, let's take a look at our July favorites that we'll still be continuing into the second half of the year.



TV Shows:

Boo, Bitch 

-Follow along this BFF duo's journey of navigating through senior year and making sure their cool girl checklist gets completed. While attempting to make this senior year the best, a series of unfortunate events happen. You can find it on Netflix!


The Bear 

-If you loved Jeremy in Shameless, then you'll be addicted to this new show! A young chef from the fine dining world lands his family's sandwich shop in Chicago after a heartbreaking death. Watch the transformation over on Hulu!




As a fall lover, I have already started to the pumpkin scents and food. I can not be stopped! So enjoy our favorite pumpkin chocolate chip bread and an iced pumpkin latte. 🎃 


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Recipe Here!


Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte

Your new fave iced coffee recipe ☕️ 



As the biggest fan of the 1975, I'm sure it comes to no surprise that I was ecstatic to hear about their new album and tour coming up! They've dropped two songs from thr album so far and the song 'Happiness' has been the new go to has soon as I get in the car!

Check out the music video here!





As new seasons approach, so do new styles and products. Check out some of our personal faves in the office!


Baggu Mini Nylon Crescent Bag


Back Beat Co. Slip Dress


Karen Walker Eyewear 'NADA'

Kinfield Anti-Itch Remedy Relief Balm


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