Best Super Bowl Commercials

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While the Super Bowl was certainly the highlight of the night for most sports fans, others tuned in for the iconic commercials. Here’s a run down of our favorite commercials this year!


Toyota wins the best inspirational commercial of the night. This beautifully filmed commercial shows the incredible story Paralympian Swimmer Jessica Long.


That 70’s show meets Shaggy.

Door Dash

Undoubtedly the cutest commercial of the night! Door Dash gave an iconic duo of Hamilton star Daveed Diggs and our favorite Sesame Street character Big Bird. 


Perhaps the best casting choice of the night, Timothée Chalamet stars in  this “Edward Scissor­hands” sequel as Edgar Scissorhands. Winona Ryder makes her return from the original movie as his mom.


 Whats better than 1 Maya Rudoplh? 4 Maya Rudolphs


 In this hilarious and clever ad T-mobile gives us the Story of how Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton became a couple. 


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