Best Indoor House Plants

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House plants are having a moment. These trendy green plants are all over Instagram and Pinterest and are the newest home decor trend! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also help create a feeling of well-being, give us a sense of responsibility, and can make us feel happier. So, add a little green to your life and check out our list of our favorite house plants! 


This trendy plant is most known for its beautiful split leaves! The Monstera is the perfect house plant that can make a bold and fun statement in your home. It gives off fun tropical vibes and can brighten up any space in your home. This easy to take of plant requires moderate sunlight, little watering, and can thrive just about anywhere in your home!


The snake plant is a fun and charming plant that is perfect for any living space! These quirky plants can tolerate most light environments, require little watering, and prefer indirect sunlight!


This insta-worthy house plant can make any space in your house look trendy! These beautiful trees can grow up to 6ft and can easily adapt to surrounding conditions. They require consistent sunlight and must be watered thoroughly.


Also called the peacock plant, the Calathea is most known for its beautiful feather like leaves! The calathea requires shade, humid environment, and little water! They are a great plant to have as a centerpiece and will definitely steal the show!


This beautiful cascading succulent is a fun and easy house plant to take care of! The string of pearls grows and propagates very fast and can be both an indoor and outdoor plant.



This cute and adorable plant is perfect for any windowsill, as they LOVE the sun. This plant grows very fast and needs to be repotted and propagated often.

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