Paradigm 20-08
Paradigm 20-08
Paradigm 20-08
Paradigm 20-08

Paradigm 20-08


These well-rounded frames are just the thing for your style résumé. With a darker color palette, the smoky hues help create a captivating look. Styles feature Blue Light lenses. 

Brand: Paradigm

Size: 50-17-145

Blue Light: 

Blue light glasses are specially made lenses that are able to block or filter our the blue light given off from digital screens.  Blue light eyewear is said to help protect your eyes from digital strain and can help relieve headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision due to exposure to digital screens when used long term. 

Details on our blue light lenses:
The lenses exceed the ANSI Z80.3:2018 standards and offer the following light protections according to wavelength:
Protection of 99.99% of UVB (280-315nm)
Protection of 99.76% of UVA (315-380nm)
Protection of 84.39% of High-energy visible light (475-650nm)

Blue light lenses are in Paradigm eyewear frames.