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Cooler temps have arrived and so has Fall! 

Y'all know we've been in the fall mindset for a while now (as in when August rolled around), but now it's official! The first day of fall has happened and that nice autumn breeze is hitting. So why not prepare for the best season with some of our fall favorites! Recipes, Halloween movies, etc... Create your checklist and add a little fall happy each day!


Sweet Treats:

Brown Sugar Maple Cookies:

Talk about AMAZING! If you are a maple fan, then you are going to love. If you a cookie was a warm hug, then this would be the one. Chewy & crispy at the same time.




Apple Pie Bombs:

Two words: AIR FRYER. That's right, it's that easy. I know most of us have an air fryer nowadays and you can make literally anything in them! So why not a new version of apple pie?! Follow along with the recipe below and maybe even top off with some homemade vanilla ice cream.
P.s.- You can also make these in the oven



Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls:

When we all hear fall, I think it's safe to say that pumpkin comes to mind. How could we not include a pumpkin recipe?! Let's put a little twist on a classic and make pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Start your day with Fall's best.




Halloween Movies:

We've created a family-friendly Halloween movie list that you can enjoy with the kiddos or get your nostalgia fix on. Have a wholesome night with some Halloween treats and popcorn! Set in the spooky vibes, but be able to fall asleep at night! 🎃 

1.) Halloweentown (my 90's kids know what's up)
2.) Hocus Pocus 
3.) Casper
4.) Ghostbusters
5.) The Nightmare before Christmas
6.) Twitches
7.)Mom's got a date with a vampire
8.) The Haunted Mansion
9.) Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
10.) Matilda



Fall Drinks:

Nothing feels better than cozying up by the fire and having a nice hot chocolate or maybe spicing up the night with a fall cocktail. 

Apple Cider Aperol Spritz:

Use some of your leftover summer ingredients for a now yummy, fall drink! A nice sweetness with a little bit of spice + bitter. Plus, champagne is year round. 



Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate:

Why not keep the pumpkin theme going, but with a twist of white chocolate! Give us all the marshmallows and coziness in a cup. Smooth, creamy, and a fan favorite!



Horror Films:

You've grabbed your fall drink, now let's end the night with actual scary movies. Maybe not the most family-friendly, but if you like a good scare, then the below list is for YOU!

1.) Nightmare on Elm Street
2.) Strangers
3.) The Grudge
4.) Insidious
5.) Paranormal Activity
6.) IT
7.) The Exorcist 
8.) Barbarian ( a newer 2022 netflix film)
9.) Scream (gotta have a classic in there)
10.) The Cabin in the Woods
11.) I Know What You Did Last Summer
12.) Amityville Horror
13.) The Orphan
14.) The Conjuring
15.) Saw

All the good fall things happening over here on B+B! 🍁 🍂 🌰  I think we know how we're spending our evenings. Get cozied up, make a fall recipe, put on your fave sweater, and enjoy this season!


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