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Travel Essential Must Haves!

We've got you covered for travel essentials for one of the busiest times of the year. Make it easier on yourself when it comes to packing correctly + making sure you packed EVERYTHING. That means no forgotten chargers, face wash, etc... I know we've all been there before. Keep reading for what our must haves when it comes to trips!


Baggu Pouches + Packing Sets

It's no secret around the office that we're obsessed with Baggu! They make some of the best organizational sets to help your packing become lighter and structured. We've got you covered with our 3D Zip set, Packing Cube Set, Go Pouch Set, Flat Pouch Set, and Dopp Kit. Pick your favorite prints to make it happy and fun!




One of the most important necessities wherever you go! A hotel bar soap simply won't make the cut. We need sunscreen, bug spray, facial cleanser, all of the things we use in our daily life to make our traveling days feel like we're at home. Pack all of our faves from Kinfield, Kiramoon, Golde, + Zandra in our Baggu Dopp Kit or Kiramoon Makeup Pouch.


Accessories & More!

You just never know whether you may need a hat or have to work on your trip or maybe will have a picnic. Well, we've got all of those issues solved. Pack your favorite sunnies with a matching bag and glasses case and you're good to go!


Shop all of this + MORE!

Now that you've made it through, I think you're ready to book that trip or vacay! Reduce stress and never forget an item again. ✨ See the link below to shop all of our favorite travel pieces and more.

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