New VWX Styles

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Make a statement in the new VWX sun styles!


A modern take on the flat-top sunglass. With a not-too-deep shape and thick-cut sides, this shape is current and brings in new design elements to the collection. The stainless steel temples continue the power-play of scale and balance by overlapping the extra thick edges of the endpieces. An extra large logo, engraved and filled with a pop of enamel, tops off the left temple and gives the piece a tactile feel. Available in Black and Crystal.


Like Aviva, this frame is cut from extra-thick acetate and tapers from thick to thin along the side view. Much deeper in scale than Aviva, the Ayanna will be the go-to staple for everyday drama. The logo is placed in a much more conspicuous manner atop the brow over the bridge - out of plain sight, but in the perfect spot. Available in Black and Tortoise.


The third acetate frame in the grouping. This flat-top shape is tapered into a cat-eye and the lenses are mounted via screws as they float out and away from the sides of the frame. The branding here is placed in a traditional size and setting on the temple, leaving all of the eccentric design elements focused on the front. Available in Black and Tortoise.


An aviator for everyday wear with nightlife appeal. The prong and screw lens setting seen in many past collection stars (Neale, Lise etc…) has been re-imagined for this style. Each lens is held in place with one screw and two prongs that have been reshaped into metal spikes, giving an edgy look to a traditional shape. A subtle logo is engraved on the flat metal brow bar. Available in Black and Gold. 


An aviator for the future. This almost weightless style is constructed of 2-base lenses mounted atop a half rim of stainless steel. With a minimal bridgeless design, the angular lens becomes the shape of the frame creating a sleek and modern look. Full stainless steel temples have the logo engraved on the side with a piece of crystal acetate layered on top. This piece is screwed in place to mimic the front construction. Available in Black and Silver.

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